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Dec 2016, Singapore
FinIQ is pleased to announce the successful upgrade of four of its major clients, all on the same day. Each of the projects were executed over an average period of seven months and all went live as planned.
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Dec 2016, Kuala Lumpur
RHB Bank, Malaysia went live with FinIQ's FX Spot aggregation engine which will see more streamlined foreign exchange position collection from various point of sales sources and electronic updates into the trading books. RHB is already live on the FinIQ Structured Products branch distribution module for few years.

Aug 2016, Bangkok
FinIQ announces that it has signed a new client in Thailand for equity linked products automation. The project will cover product issuance, pricing, order booking and life cycle management of products such as ELN, accumulator, digitals, baskets as well as callables. The solution will also encompass the flexibility of configuring new structures if the business demands so in the time to come.
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June 2016, Singapore
FinIQ has included Equity OTC options to its EQ-Connect platform. The platform currently supports OTC Accumulators/Decumalators, Basket DRA/FCN and ELN/KOELN. OTC Options will be initially supported by three leading market makers. FinIQ currently has 10 market makers acting as liquidity providers on its platform. FinIQ's EQ Connect platform has been selected by three leading wealth management institutions and two more are expected to follow the suit.

Aug 2015, Hong Kong
FinIQ signed its third client for its ‎cross asset collateral module. The Hong Kong based bank will deploy the FinIQ system to monitor exposure from its treasury and capital markets business. Variety of cash, derivatives and structured trades are pooled from trading systems via online connections and batch imports to keep the exposures in sync with client's trading activities. Similarly saving accounts, term deposit, shares, bonds and notes balances are pooled to update the collateral balances.
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Jun 2015, Singapore
FinIQ is pleased to announce incorporation of fully configured FX option strategies in its FX trading platform. The new feature allows introduction of brand new strategies based on vanilla and exotic options with single or multiple expiries. The combination can be generically named such as Risk Reversal, Calendar Spread or brand-named as per bank's own choice.
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Mar 2015, Singapore
FinIQ is pleased to announce that it has signed it's first ever ‎cash equity client. A Singapore bank will use the system to book orders transacted on exchange worldwide. The system will automate trade verification, documentation, transfers and maintain both cash and share balances for bank's private wealth clients. Over 25 different corporate actions are supported by the system, improving entitlement processing efficiency. Client statements are comprehensive including variety of transactions including purchase, sale, dividend, bonus, transfer, exercise, etc.
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Dec 2014, Singapore
FinIQ, a specialist software solution provider for the distribution and transaction processing of treasury and wealth management products, today announced it has launched the world's first multi-asset, multi-dealer connectivity platform for equity-linked and FX-linked structured products.
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June 2014, Singapore
FinIQ is proud to announce successful completion of ten years of live production usage with its first three clients. In the year 2003, as soon as FinIQ released its first version, it signed agreements with three leading banks in Singapore, all of which went live with FinIQ within a year.
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Jun 2014, Hong Kong
FinIQ announces that it has signed an agreement with another local bank in Hong Kong to implement the FinIQ wealth management solution. Terry Hung, FinIQ's regional head for Greater China adds, "This will be our 9th success in Hong Kong and 21st client site in the region, which covers China, Macao, Taiwan, The Philippines and Hong Kong. We are expecting to add at least 5 more new clients this year". The FinIQ system will improve pricing and processing efficiency of the bank's structured products business connecting relationship managers to the central dealing and operations teams via its electronic platform.
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Feb 2014, Macau
FinIQ is pleased to announce that Bank of China, Macau has licensed its Bonds and Equity Linked modules. These modules will help the bank scale up its fixed income, equity linked and structured products businesses by connecting its branch network with the central dealing and backoffice operations. FinIQ's platform will streamline price discovery, order management, order aggregation, allocation, settlements, documentation, accounting, coupons, fixing, reporting, and compliance, among other things.
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Feb 2014, Singapore
FinIQ has signed three new license agreements in the Asia-Pacific region. With these agreements, two more banks have joined the growing list of wealth management players adopting the FinIQ distribution platform. The three initiatives will benefit almost a thousand bankers, who will see major productivity gains in their product distribution capability.
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Jan 2014, Singapore
FinIQ has integrated its customer suitability checks, third party liquidity links, pricing models, collateral and limit checks, document generation, interbank hedges, post trade fixing events and payout rules into one front end. Based on roles and responsibilities of individual users, various entitlement profiles can be created. The entire offering is wrapped in a customizable workflow engine that allows approval and processing with complete audit trail. read more >

Mar 2013, Singapore
FinIQ is pleased to announce addition of a brand new Suitability module to its suite. In the past versions, suitability functionality was present but was closely linked with the underlying instruments. The new module is completely
service-oriented and can be used not only by FinIQ platform but also by another third-party or in-house system.
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Mar 2013, Singapore
FinIQ is pleased to announce addition of more liquidity providers to its distribution platform. FinIQ was one of the earliest entrants in this market and has already been live with real-time trading links to two of the largest market makers for FX options. read more >

Jun, 19 2012 , Singapore
FinIQ today announced that CIMB Bank, Singapore went live on the FinIQ distribution platform after a fast track implementation that took less than three months. read more >

Feb, 29 2012
FinIQ is pleased to announce that three leading local banks in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia went live with FinIQ structured products solution recently. read more >

Jan, 27 2012
FinIQ is pleased to announce that a large Indonesian bank has gone live with its FX linked structured products module. The implementation was done successfully within 3 months of kick-off. It automates hundreds of branches by replacing telephone-based distribution wherein branches were required to call treasury dealers for quotations and deal booking. read more >

Nov, 29 2011
FinIQ releases most comprehensive, front to back Equity OTC and accumulator module in addition to equity linked investment products. FinIQ's unique payout rule engine allows its clients to launch variety of OTC and note products with payouts of their choice. read more >

Nov, 15 2011
AmBank Group and FinIQ are pleased to announce that AmBank will be using the FinIQ e-Treasury platform to automate bank’s treasury and structured product distribution. read more >

Oct, 3 2011
FinIQ has launched a Bank-wide Collateral Management module, which provides distinct features catering to the most advanced financial instruments such as FX and equity accumulators and other multi-leg option strategies. The module is comprehensive in its handling of variety of banking and trading exposures including overdraft, loan, IRS, forwards, standby LC, bank guarantee, etc.
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June, 29 2011
G. K. Goh Financial Services, the financial, commodities, metals and energy derivative brokerage and foreign exchange trading arm of G. K. Goh Holdings based in Singapore, has signed a deal to... read more >

Dec 6, 2010
Ta Chong Bank in Taipei went live with FinIQ's Liquidity Link system at the end of November, to automate the liquidity-provision process in forex options. read more >

Nov, 2010
FinIQ is pleased to announce the first commercially live implementation of its new service Liquidity Link. In this implementation Liqudity Link connects a retail bank to one of the largest market makers in the options market.
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Oct 6, 2010
Hong Kong – FinIQ and BOCI will work closely together in phases to support Structured Products distribution covering structures based on a wide variety of asset classes as well as covering customer trades of FX Spot and Forwards.
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July 5, 2010
Hong Kong – Following the successful implementation of FinIQ by its Treasury Markets Division to support its second generation structured products business, The Bank of East Asia (“BEA“) has announced that it will extend the use of FinIQ to its private banking business. read more >

May 2010
Kuala Lumpur - FinIQ today signed its first ever ELI client in Malaysia. The bank will use the platform to distribute and process various types of ELI instruments through its retail network. read more >

May 10, 2010
FinIQ today announced that ANZ has chosen FinIQ as its trading and distribution platform for its FX structured products business. ANZ will become FinIQ’s first customer in Australia as the company expands beyond its Asian customer base. read more >

Mar 30, 2010
Taipei - Ta Chong Bank, Taiwan ["TCB"] and FinIQ are pleased to announce that TCB will implement FinIQ's Structured Products solution for managing TCB's currency linked investment products offered via its treasury and branch network. read more >

Feb 25, 2010
Hong Kong - China Construction Bank (Asia) ["CCB (Asia)"] and FinIQ are pleased to announce an agreement to deploy the FinIQ System for managing the Structured Products business for the bank and its subsidiary, China Construction Bank (Asia) Finance ["CCB (Asia) Finance"] read more >

Sep 28, 2009
Hong Kong - Bank of East Asia (BEA) plans to go live with the FinIQ Structured Products System in Hong Kong by year-end, to augment its treasury business, say vendor officials. read more >

Sep 22, 2008
Singapore - OCBC Bank expects to see 20% growth in its dual currency returns (DCR) business in Singapore next year, following implementation of a structured deposit pricing and processing system from FinIQ, said bank officials. read more >

May 21, 2007
Singapore - JP Morgan plans to go live with a structured deposit pricing and processing system by mid-June, to automate the roll-out of dual currency investment products. read more >

Sep 4, 2006
Global – Standard Chartered (StanChart) is rolling out a structured deposit pricing and processing system for its currency-linked investments businesses globally. read more >

Jan 14, 2004
FinIQ Consulting Pte Ltd has implemented its FinIQ System at United Overseas Bank Limited, Singapore (UOB"). The system is being used by the Bank to streamline and more efficiently manage its dual currency deposit business.
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